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What Is a Financial Advisor And Do You Need One?

A financial advisor (or planner) is a broad term and is generally used to refer to a professional who helps create a financial plan, gives advice, or manages your money. Here is what you need to know before hiring a financial advisor.

Micro-Investing: what you should know, What is Micro Investing

Micro-Investing: What You Should Know

Micro-investing is the process of routinely investing small amounts of money. Many people participate because it is easy to set up, and the amounts of money invested each time are so small that you won’t even notice the money has gone into an investment account.

Compound Interest

The Power of Compound Interest

Your interest will earn interest. Think of it as a snowball that rolls down a hill and the bigger the snowball gets, the more snow it picks up.

Savings Rate

The Savings Rate Secret

Your Savings Rate has a greater direct impact on your ability to accumulate wealth than ANY other concept regardless of your income level.

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What is Net Worth

Net Worth

Net Worth helps us assess our financial health, but most of us don’t track it, and some might not even know how to calculate it.

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