Compound Interest Calculator

The Compound Interest Calculator will show you the impact of long-term investing, which is essential to wealth accumulation. Fill in the fields below based on your current situation (and contribution amount) to see how much your portfolio will grow over different lengths of time, like 10, 20, or 30 years. Try entering the length of time until you would like to retire and experiment with differing ‘monthly contributions’ until you can get to your goal portfolio size within your goal timeframe. If you are a two-income household, be sure to include both of your contributions.

Hint: 8% is a standard Rate of Return for future stock market performance, hence the default. If you disagree, change it to what you expect.

This calculator is not currently compatible with internet explorer, we are working on a fix. 

Debt Payoff calculator

The Debt Payoff Calculator is the best way to figure out the impact of paying extra towards your debts.  If you make additional payments every month, you will pay off the loan faster and pay less in interest over the length of the loan. You can also see what your minimum monthly payment will be, based on entering the Basic information such as Principal, Loan Term, and Interest Rate. 

Hint: most student loan terms are 120 months (10 years), car loan terms are 60-72 months (5-6 years), and mortgages are 180 or 360 months (15 or 30 years).

Note, this calculator should not be used for Credit Cards.

Credit Card Debt Payoff calculator

The Credit Card Debt Payoff Calculator is simple to use and will identify how long it will take to become credit card debt-free! First, choose one CC you have debt on and enter the balance and interest rate into the calculator. I always recommend paying off the card with the highest interest rate (APR) first.
Then, enter one of the following variables:
1. The amount you plan on paying extra towards the card. And, try entering different amounts you think you can afford to pay and watch how much time and money you could save.
2. The time in which you want to be debt-free. Enter different time frames, and the calculator will show you how much your monthly payment should be to be debt-free by then.
Set your goals, then crush them!
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