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Matt Soladay

Matt Soladay

The thing most people don’t tell you before nursing school is just how hard nursing school is.

The thing most people don’t tell you before you start working as a Registered Nurse is just how hard ACTUAL nursing is.

And, the thing most people don’t tell you about life is just how hard it is to be successful with money if you don’t know what you are doing with it.

We focus our careers on taking care of others, and it takes its toll. Let me guess; it didn’t take you long working as a nurse before it began taking its toll on you? Emotionally, psychologically or physically? Maybe even financially from school debt. Our jobs are stressful enough by themselves, but we all know from personal experience that life doesn’t just press ‘pause’ every time we walk into the hospital. The things in our life that are difficult and stressful follow us right into work. It’s like a heavy backpack that we can’t take off. 

Money is the biggest source of stress in most people’s lives, and it affects EVERYTHING. If we are worried about money, it steals enjoyment out of the work we do and can even impact our personal relationships. Join me as we explore how to reduce the amount of financial stress we have in our lives by building a financial plan based on our priorities.

Whether you are a student, a new grad, or an experienced nurse, you will find many great resources here at SML, but here are some of my recommendations:

Improve your financial health: It’s not too late!  

Your Savings Rate has a greater direct impact on your ability to accumulate wealth than ANY other concept regardless of your income level and directly impacts your ability to achieve Financial Independence

Calculators: These are game-changers!  

  • Have debt? Check out our debt payoff calculator to determine the impact of paying extra on your student loans, mortgage, etc.  
  • Want to see the impact of your investments? Check out our compound interest calculator to see how much your portfolio will grow over time. 

Thanks for reading, glad you are here!

Matt Soladay 
RN since 2006, CRNA since 2011 

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